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Day 1 overview through the eyes of the youngest participant

The sessions have finally started! The participants are eager to see what follows in the next 7 days and the trainers are excited to share with them a very valuable piece of knowledge and experience. On this blog we are going to follow the development and the learning process of the participants by asking them to share with the world what was the most important thing which they learned and experienced. Day by day, we will introduce you with different participants. To start, for the first day we have the youngest participant - Mića Mišljenović who is coming from Serbia.

We asked him to describe from his own perspective the first day. This is what he said:
“When I woke up this morning, I was already fresh and ready to start the new day here in Leysin.
First activity that we had today was “Walk & Talk”. We went outside for a nice walk in the nature.
On the beginning we would chose some questions written on a piece of paper and while we walk we would find one partner and would ask him/her the question that we had chosen. The questions were very random and very interesting.

After this activity I found out many exciting things what makes people happy, what are they proud of, what is the most important thing in their life and so on. After this activity we had opportunity to discuss in small groups, about our expectations of the training programme, and the aims and objectives. I felt really happy and proud because I got the opportunity to present our group work in front of everyone. Such a cool experience.

Group building activities were amazing. I had opportunity to see how people act in different situations, how we cooperate and are we actually listening other opinions. We made some mistakes, we had misunderstandings but at the end we were able to find solution that is the best for everyone. During the last session today I learned about the differences of formal, informal and non-formal education. I found out what are suitable competences for youth worker and we all agreed that skills, knowledge and attitude are most important things.

Exciting part of the day was the dinner when I had the chance to taste the Swiss national meal – cheese fondue. Incredibly tasty!

At the end of the day we made evaluation and after that we joined the social media without internet. We shared our Facebook statuses, liked each other’s comments, took photos with Instagram and Snapchat filters.

All of this and it’s just the first day! Can’t wait to see what comes next.”

Mića is active volunteer at the Šabac youth group in Serbia. As an enthusiastic young person who would like to become a youth worker, he is on the right place at the right time here on the training course YOUTHIFICATION of Youth Centers where he can learn not only from the trainers, but also from the other participants who are bringing with themselves their years of experience in field of youth work and non-formal education. 


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