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Day 3: New discoveries of youth worker competences

The Georgian participants Ekuna and Tamo from the youth association DRONI are sharing their impression about the day 3 of the training course. Today we were focusing only on the youth worker competences and we explored each element separately. Here is the small interview that we did with them together at the end of the day.
“Today it was the best day so far and I will explain why: I really like the balance of activities which are focusing on emotions and activities focusing on practical knowledge. At the same time, I like the balance of individual and group work. Highlight of the day would be the exercise “Taking Step forward”, especially the discussion afterwards and how that all was linked with the challenges and the needs that we wrote yesterday. On this way we could actually feel and see the gaps where we are and where we want to be.
From the group I heard very meaningful comments today. The group has a ig potential, slowly they are opening up and I feel that the best is yet to come in the next days.
What I expect from tomorrow session is to focus on the context, so thinking about our realities and putting all these skills of youth worker into our own context. So I imagine it like talking about specific tools and “how to…” question.
At the end I want to say that I liked very much the creativity of the trainers. It is really engaging. I can point out the last activity from today, visualizing the competences, that was really engaging. If it was done on different way, it wouldn’t have been so engaging.”
“When I was coming for the project I had the expectations that I would get specific knowledge about youth work that will improve my work as youth work, so this training totally meets my expectations. This flow of the programme today was very diverse and does not give you a chance to be bored or not interested. I also would say that highlight of the day was “Taking Step Forward” because after this exercise I realized that I don’t remember when was the last time I had my own self-reflection. I would never stand and think what I want to learn, what I am still lacking and what I have still to learn. This was very useful for me that I will continue using in my work.
On every group discussion that we had today I could revise the things that I already know, but also link them with some specific situations which were completely new for me. So for the next days I expect a lot of more new discoveries.”


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